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Have a question about your wedding video? Check here to see our frequently asked questions. If you don't find your answer on this page, please don't hesitate to get in contact so we can help you out! 

  • Why should we have a wedding video?
    Although we're sure your wedding photos will be amazing, we feel photographs can only show so much. To capture the true feeling and story of the day, a professionally filmed and edited video is definitely the way to do it. Something you can keep hold of for years to come and sit down and re-live your big day is extremely special. Many of our happy couples have informed us that their day goes by in such a blur, that the wedding video allows them to see it all unfold time and time again as if it were yesterday.
  • What music do you use?
    For the full wedding video we ask that you provide us with 6-8 of your favourite songs for us to use. However, we can't guarantee all will be used, but we will try our best! For the trailer we have to use licensed music so that it can be used online. This is chosen by us and we always try our best to choose that perfect bit of music that works well with the video.
  • How long does the video last?
    As all weddings are different, the length of your video can vary. Most will last between 45 - 90 minutes for the full feature video and between 2-5 minutes for the trailer.
  • Are you insured?
    We certainly are! You can never be too cautious which is why we're fully insured to film your important day. We have £5 Million Public Liability, Public Indemnity and fully insured equipment.
  • Will you get in the way?
    We pride ourselves on capturing the day as naturally as it happens so try to be as inconspicuous as possible. Although we use professional equipment you won't find us sticking a camera in your face or interrupting you or your guests as you enjoy your day.
  • What equipment do you use?
    Here at OWP we love a bit of tech and pride ourselves on our equipment. We use a combination of Panasonic and Sony Cameras. We also use professional tripods, sliders and audio recording equipment.
  • How is it edited?
    This is the part that most people normally forget about; the amount of hours and thought that goes in to producing a polished and professional video that you are proud to show everyone. We use Final Cut Pro X to edit our videos and editing can sometimes be in excess of 50 hours to get to the final product (not because our work needs lots of editing, but more because we are perfectionists and like to get everything right.) To create a flowing video that is a joy to watch we edit to the music, therefore we ask for your music choices before we begin editing.
  • Where do you cover?
    Although we are based in Hertfordshire, we cover all parts of the country. An extra fee may be included to cover the extra fuel costs but we are willing to travel wherever you want us to!
  • Can we meet you before?
    Of course you can! We are always happy to meet our couples before the big day and we recommend around 30 days before your wedding is best, that way you will know more of the finalised plans and all the little touches you want captured.
  • Why should we book you for our wedding?
    At OWP Wedding Videography we strive to produce visually beautiful, dynamic and emotional videos from your wedding day. We are bored of seeing so many wedding videos with a couple of cameras stuck on tripods and some random music dropped over the top. We use lots of movement to capture beautiful and dynamic shots. We believe that anyone can use a camera and get decent footage, but to have the artistic eye and attention to detail that allows a piece to really come together in the editing suite is something different. We believe that's something we have and if you book us for your wedding day we promise to show you we do!
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